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Extreme Helicopter Ride.

No Door experience over New York City

I want to start by saying that I am terrified of heights. I was aware of this before I agreed to go on an open door helicopter ride of New York but for some reason I didn't put the two together until the moment we lifted off the ground in New Jersey. I am going to try my best not to let that control the way I approach this blog post though because in all honestly, although I wouldn't go back up for a million pounds, it truly was the highlight of our trip and what of the most memorable experiences I have ever have.

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There are quite a few different NYC  helicopter companies and it can be tricky to commit to one, especially as the experience isn't cheap. Luckily we had a couple of friends who had tried a few! They recommended FlyNyon, a company who offer open door helicopter flights over New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Turns out I actually followed them on Instagram. They are pretty famous in the world of social media for the 'shoe selfie' as seen below. This is actually Ebony's photo as I didn't actually make it to the show selfie. In all seriousness though, FlyNyon are pretty legit. They have a large social following with some great photos and the only negative trip advisor comments I can see come down to bad weather and bad luck.


FlyNyon offers a fifteen minute experience for $219 per seat. This short flight covers a surprising amount of amazing views. These include...

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Governor’s Island
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Battery Park
  • World Trade Center and
  • NYC’s Financial District

The helicopter pad is only 2 minutes from Manhattan as well so you get to see the views pretty much straight away. Although this is obviously quite a short trip I believe it is well worth doing if you don't want to spent loads.

We had been really looking forward to the experience so went for the longer half hour trip which came in at $499 per person. With this package you can even customise your own flight path. Ebony's brother is currently living in Brooklyn and we had the option to fly over his house!The company really bent over backwards to make us feel valued, they even sorted our UBER from where we were staying which we thought was a really nice touch. 

Things can get pretty pricy but FlyNyon do have some great looking VIP packages, including a midnight excurion which looks pretty unfortgottable.

So what to expect?


1. The helicopter is VERY loud and VERY windy. I know that may seem obvious and although they did warn us before I was surprised with the intensity of it, especially when in transit.

2. You have the choice of seats, depending of what view you want and how comfortable you feel with the idea of literally hanging out of a helicopter above New York city.

3. The pilots are lovely and give you plenty of time at each view point so you don't need to panic about missing a photo opportunity

4. It's VERY loud.

All in all. The experience was incredible. It was everything you expect but ten times more insane. I couldnt reccomend it highly enough. You can watch our trip here.

Now about that shoe selfie I attempted. I will leave you with probably the most honest photo from my trip...

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