How to find joy

in the world today.

Today I want to talk about gratitude, changing perspective and a few powerful things I learnt from the book 'Joy'.

Now I don't know where you are in your journey, how you feel about life or what keeps you up at night. I, however am certain that consciously or subconsciously you are on the hunt for joy.  What does 'Joy' mean exactly? A quick search on google gave me this....

Joy / noun /   'a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.'.

Who isn't looking for that?

This is my type of book. I'm not going to bore you with pages on my spiritual journey, but believe me when I say, I needed all the help I could get and it was books like this that helped me on my path. I'm also not going to bore you with a crazy synopsis or chapter by chapter breakdown. All I will say is that the book is filled with the wisdom of two spiritual giants and I would highly recommend that you give yourself the time to read it.

Now let's talk about gratitude. A subject that plays as heavily in the book as it does in my own life. It is also one of the answers you are looking for on the quest for 'Joy'. Not that car, the exam result, the promotion, or that new house you can't afford...

A Benedictine monk once explained "It is not happiness that makes us grateful. It is gratefulness that makes us happy. Every moment is a gift." Just think about it. When you are grateful you are not in fear. When you are grateful you are enjoying the differences between people and are respectful of all. When we are grateful we are joyful. A grateful world is a happy world.

And i know that sometimes it feels like we have nothing to be grateful for but let's be still for a moment and think. It's too easy to ignore the reality that millions of people today are hungry, homeless and without love. Millions of people strive to one day be in the situation you find yourself in right now. No life is perfect and yes we have problems but let's thank God, the universe or the people that surround you that today you are here. That today you are alive and that today you have hope. A luxury so many don't. 

So my little advice to you is a gratitude list. Sounds kinda nerdy but it is such a powerful tool which helps you shift the perspective of your whole world and start each day positive. Grab a pen and paper every morning and try writing ten things you are grateful for. This can include anything from the kind words of a friend to the ability to have a hot shower, just try to be specific. I promise you as the days go by you will start to see things a little different. You will start to realise that although bad things do happen you are still incredibly lucky to be you. You are loved.

When we are grateful our outlook on the world changes, we see opportunity not oppression and fortune rather than regret. I urge you to go out to the world with a grateful heart and see how it gives back so generously.