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Thank you

to the NHS.

We recently had our first child. A beautiful, beautiful little girl called Daisy Grace Gibbs. It was an experience that instantly changed my whole life and I am still lost for words. I'm sure I will be writing all about it soon but for now, as I let everything sink in, I wanted to chat about the brith experience.

This picture was taken around seven hours into a really heavy part of the labour. The midwife was relentless in her patience, her kindness and love.

After her twelve hour shift which ended in emergency theatre she was finishing up her paperwork before heading home for a few hours to rest up before starting all over again. It blew my mind. Every single midwife we met during this process absolutely blew my mind. The lengths they went for love and for the preservation of life was just amazing. All for less money than an average businessman makes selling you some shit you never even needed in the first place. All with an open heart and a smile.

It got me thinking how crazy this world is that these people are fighting for enough money and resources to do their job. It's these people that should be filling up the newspaper articles and News stories. It's these people our kids should be looking up to. They are my definition of grace. And one thing I know for certain is i'd be proud if my little girl grew up to have half the love in her heart and desire to help as our midwives did.

Some people do not have to be with you for long to leave a lasting impression. The midwives we met during the few days we were in hospital I know will stay in my thoughts forever.

David Gibbs