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Exploring Brooklyn

New York Living.

New York feels like a movie. Every street we walk down feel's somewhat familiar, like we've seen it previously in some Will Smith romantic comedy or Netflix T.V series.

We were staying in the most amazing part of Brooklyn to see baby Charlie, the newest addition to the Day family! Turn left from the house and you are met with the hustle and bustle of the locals and endless coffee shops, pizza parlours and diners. Turn right and walk a hundred yards and you are met with a giant park, full of runners, laughter and the stand alone thai chai practitioner.

The newest addition to the Day family is adorable! Born a month early it was a little unexpected for everyone but it's amazing to see how much he's grown from the original photos we saw. He was TINY. It's so cool to think that he's going to grow up as a Brooklyn baby.

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Although our aim of the trip wasn't to explore the city, in a place as diverse and unique as New York you kind of just stumble into it. Even a subway has a character of it's own. One minute you can't hear yourself above the noise, the next you are left with a eerie silence

Our first point of call with the High line, a elevated walk that's been converted from a former railway track on the west side of Manhattan. It's a beautiful walk that allows you to follow in the tracks of he former train as you weave between very fabric of the city. The architecture changes so rapidly, one minute you are looking at graffitied buildings laced with the traditional fire escapes, the next you are looking a ultra modern apartments that resemble some what of a space ship! Oh, It's also a great place to be noisy! The High Line is 100% the unofficial first date location and it's definitely a little fun to eves drop on those early conversations!

We also couldn't leave New York without going to the Natural History Museum! If you have watched The Night At The Museum (Of course you have!) then you might recognise it. It's one of the most popular attractions and for good reason. We thought it was awesome!

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I'm not sure if the jet lag was kicking it but the only negative we found it that it got a little confusing to find your way around! It's pretty massive so our advice would be to plan a route or expect to be walking round for a good few hours! If you google you will see it's around $23 per person with certain attractions costing more. It is however a suggested donation so if you are running low on funds please don't miss out on the opportunity. We decided to put near enough the full amount in but from what we hear the locals definitely do not. 


The museum is right by Central Park so we decided to take a break from the rush hour traffic and relax. I'm pretty sure you could spend all day in the park just watching people. One of the awesome things about New York is although it's crazily busy, you are never too far from a little bit of quiet. 

We do have one last big adventure in New York but we thought we'd do a separate post all about this. For now, we sign off with a word we came across the other day which brilliantly describes the city.

David Gibbs

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