Being a new parent is scary right?! There is so much to bloody think about as first time parents we just didn't know what type of things we needed or what were going to become our essentials. As it got closer to our little ones arrival I panic watched hundreds of 'Big Baby Buys' videos and they really helped. I thought I'd pass on some of what I learnt, both from watching the videos and surviving the first ten weeks!!

We are also running a competition with Braun to win a Thermoscan 7. You can find all the information needed for that here.

I really hope this all helps. I'm sure I am missing loads of essential items so to make this blog article as helpful as possible to new parents please add your own lists into the comments.

1. Thermometer (Braun Thermoscan 7)

Now THIS was super, super, super important and I can't stress that enough. Two weeks into parenthood our little one got ill and ended up having to be rushed into hospital via ambulance. (new parent nightmare right?!). Before we phoned up 111, Daisy had been unsettled for a few hours and just wasn't herself. We could of easily dismissed this as typical newborn behaviour because let's face it, what baby doesn't cry?! However, because we had bought a thermometer I was able to check her temperature and realise she was running a massive fever. Within the hour we were in resus getting the medicine she needed. 

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

We love this little bouncer. Without it I don't think I would have ever been able to cook a meal. Daisy doesn't like being put down and LOVES being carried so it can be a struggle to get things done. This Bjorn bouncer is a lifesaver, as the moment we put her in and give her a little bounce she just sits there smiling and looking at us. I'm sure there are loads on the market but we really love the colour of this one and the fact you can get a matching baby carrier which we also have is pretty cool. We also love that here are three different levels so you can adjust the slant depending on preference.

3. Doona Carseat / Stroller

This little gift from the heavens is why you shouldn't always listen to what people say. If you have wondered onto any of the online chatrooms you might have seen a heated discussion on this carseat / stroller with some outraged by the very thought of it. Others can't praise it enough. So who to believe? We loved the idea of this little stroller so much that we thought it was worth the test. Especially as we both have smallish cars and this Doona fits in perfectly (One of the only that fit a Fiat 500). The Doona is a carseat that changes into a stroller. It's so simple. You take the carseat out the car, push a little button and the wheels drop down and you are good to go. It's made life so simple and we could not recommend it enough. The only disclaimer is to say we wouldn't really use it for extended periods of time or long journeys as it's not recommended for a baby to be in the same seat for too long. For nipping to the shops it will CHANGE YOUR WORLD.

4. ICandy

We live in the countryside and have a dog and needed a pram that had chunky wheels that can get over the mud. We LOVE it. We use it to walk into the village, in the woods and to the seaside. It's a totally different experience to the Doona and we love having both. There are loads of different prams on the market but we just loved the design of the iCandy. It's a big pram but has been designed so well it folds down and becomes very compact with only a few simple steps. This means we can store it in our cupboard easily and it's doesn't get in the way.

5. Moses Basket (Tilly & Cub)

A lot of people told us we wouldn't really need a Moses Basket but we ended up using it every day. As soon as Daisy is asleep we pop her in and she loves it. We bought a little rocker for it so she can be rocked and we've also bought a little mobile above it which Daisy loves. The one we have is from Tilly and Cub.

COMPETITION: We are running a competition with Braun to win the Thermoscan 7. Click here to enter.



David Gibbs