You would think working in the music industry would mean I am constantly falling in love with new songs. Oh how I wish this was the case. I think the issue anyone has when they making their passion their job is that it becomes mechanical. I am so used to creating, constructing and picking apart new artist campaigns it's hard not to lose a little bit of the magic.

This is why I am so confident that the artists I am going to be posting about over the coming weeks are the real deal. It's these artists that dissolve my 'seen it all before' attitude and take me back to being a fourteen years old where music was truly the power that kept me alive.


Etham // Better Now

"So many fights, so many nights I couldn't hold my anger. I'd sleep in my car and wonder if I get to see you later. I'm done with the lies, done with the trying so I guess you're not my problem now."

Sometimes a song just connects. Sure, as someone who works predominately in marketing and digital this can definitely be helped by clever strategies but the truth of the matter is, if a song is really good it takes on a life of it's own entirely. Forget the strategy, the networking and the cool association. Every so often a song comes along that has the ability to encapsulate a complex human emotion in under four minutes and cuts through the noise. This is what is happening for young star Etham's 'Better Now'.

Etham dropped a soft acoustic release of the track a few months ago on Facebook and it has now been heard almost ten million times, becoming the soundtrack to break ups all around the world.

So who exactly is Etham? Etham is a twenty one year old kid from Reading who's been writing his own music from the moment he first picked up a guitar. He's been building momentum over the last six months supporting everyone from J.P Cooper & Sigrid to Justin Bieber and has most recently just sold out his first London show at The Lexington.

Now, I may be slightly bias with this one as I've been part of this incredible campaign since the very start. But that's also why I can say, probably better than most people, that this kid has exactly what it takes to make it big. 


I first met Etham when he was fifteen years old and making money playing the local bars & clubs around Reading. He blew me away then and he blows me away now. His vocal was so full of emotion and at a time where YouTube covers were all the trend he was writing and singing truthfully about life at home and the confusion of youth.

Fast forward hundreds of shows, nights camping out in our cars and the massive highs and lows that come with this industry, Etham is about to take over. 

Keep an eye out for him to make a bang with his first full production later this month and in the meantime sit back and enjoy what he has already released.