It’s hard to explain or articulate the passion and love in which I write these posts. I know the impact I can make here on this blog is limited but I truly want anyone who is struggling to know it does get better. My writing can never solve it all but I pray that it can ignite a fire of change within you.

Today my wish is that you begin to see the moment you are in differently. I want you to understand that your darkest days hold more beauty and power than you could ever imagine. 

I was speaking to someone the other day on Instagram and I suddenly realised that somehow over the last few years I had learnt a fundamental truth that had changed my entire life. Until the words hit the page though I had been unaware of it’s power and incredible influence in my life. Today I want to try and explain this truth to you. 

The truth is there is real value in pain. It’s through pain that we can grow and it’s through our struggles that we gain the wisdom to help others. Once I realised this I stopped avoiding it and began to embrace it as a opportunity to change.

A couple of years ago I used to wake up with a pit in my stomach each and every morning. I remember tossing and turning trying my best to find a way back into sleep and away from the onslaught of negativity that seemed to be running through my veins. I was terrified of life and had lost the ability to deal with it completely.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think things would be as different as they are today. Looking back I can now see it was this pain that pushed me to make a change. It was this pain that first forced me to get help and it was this pain that set into motion a series of events that would lead me to a life far beyond what I could have ever imagined. It is also these moments of weakness that now give me the unique power to help others in similar situations. 

'The more pain in the wreckage, the more powerful the redemption'.

If you woke up today with no hope left in your soul, instead of giving up or going back to bed I urge you to see this as a sign to change. Embrace it as the moment in time you decided to take back your life. There is so much hope and freedom in a life but when anxiety or depression is totally overpowering it’s too easy to lose sight of it. But it’s still there. Believe me. It's there.

Today is the day to get fired up and take that next step, to find the joy and excitement in the possibility of getting better. If you’ve been putting off asking your GP for help then do it. If you have been wanting to end that negative relationship but have been scared then today is the day to end the cycle. The time is now. Open up. Ask for help. Read, learn, set challenges and build a daily routine. Take one little step forward every day and find power in beginning the process from who you are to who you can be. One day at a time you can fall back in love with being alive.

‘Spiritual growth comes hidden in a brick' is one of my favourite quotes and this is what this whole blog post is about. It's through pain we grow. So let's grow together. So much can change in a few years. Do it. You won't regret it.

P.S - Let me know your next step in the comments below and let's use the platform to build a community of growth.

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David Gibbs