YUNGBLUD is the future. 

Music has become so diluted over the last few years that the fire has been almost completely put out. We live in the Spotify generation where we know songs by the playlist, rather than the artist. The industry has a climate that demands and encourages familiarity and so we find ourselves in a landscape of predictability and repetition. That's not to say the music is bad. It just serves a different, more surface level purpose. 

YUNGBLUD on the other hand couldn't give a flying fuck about what the industry wants. YUNGBLUD want's to change the world with his music. He wants to give a voice to a generation of pissed off teenagers who are screaming to be heard. And the best thing about it all is that I really think he's got a chance to do it.


YUNGBLUD is a 19 year old Northerner who's music is evolving at an alarming rate. Starting off as a mix between early Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys, he has very quickly evolved into something totally unique. You can now hear hints of everything from Rage Against The Machine to NWA. What stands out in every song though is the lyrical content. YUNGBLUD has the ability to tackle heavy political and cultural issues in a way which is relatable and authentic. Every single song makes you want to stand up and kick back at the system. If that's not enough YUNGBLUD is also the best live performer I have ever seen in my life. Being at his show you truly, truly feel like something magic is happening and I'd recommend every one to grab tickets to his next tour.

"Get away from the teenage everyday cliche pressure. Absent on absinthe dancing, to band synths. Saturday night ain't about romancing anymore. Just you getting lit in the que to the dance floor."

So what's YUNGBLUD up to now? Well. In the last six months things have gotten pretty crazy for this young icon. He has played house parties across US (almost getting arrested along the way), toured Australia and sold out shows all over Europe. His music has been featured on everything from 13 Reasons Why to Marvel's Runaways and his billboard has appeared in New York Times Square.

 If you follow him on social media you will clearly see this is not just about the songs, it's not even just about the artist. This whole thing is a movement and it is very, very, very, very exciting.

I started working with YUNGBLUD on all things digital and very much on a professional level. As time has gone on though I have become completely and utterly in awe of this young talent. YUNGBLUD is going to change the world and I highly recommend you jump on board. 

"From a cynical man with no fucking plan
When it all goes wrong, there'll be no confession."

Watch Yungblud 'I Love You, Will You Marry Me?' live here.

Watch Yungblud 'Polygraph Eyes' Official video here.