Yesterday I asked a load of you if you were happy. The answer I got back was 90% no. This truly broke my heart. Not because I couldn't understand why this was the case, instead it was because I knew exactly how you felt. Four years ago I felt broken. Although to the outside world I had everything I could ever want, inside I felt totally empty and alone. I felt unable to deal with life and unable to find happiness and contentment no matter what I tried. Maybe you can relate?  

Four years ago I hit rock bottom and decided to fight and to search for purpose in my life. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. I've decided to look back on this time and try and highlight some of the habits and healthy changes that occurred in my life in the hope that they can help other people.

The 'Positivity Project' is going to be a month of of tips and techniques to live a more positive life, it's going to include weekly emails, daily tasks and a private facebook group where we can share, inspire and grow.

I am not an expert and I claim no ownership on the ideas It will simply be my experience on how I found purpose and freedom in my life.

If you want to be involved and think you have the ability to dedicate a little bit of time every day then comment below letting me know why. This is very much a test to see if it is benifitial so i'm probably only going to pick about 25 people for September.