28576887_10211476791744278_1577758280590032896_o.jpg are Grace. I could spent a lifetime getting to know each and every line upon your face.

You amaze me in ways I only thought your mother could. You've got her eyes and that's worth more than you could ever know. One day I hope to sit and tell your stories of how we met and how we feel in love. Until then, just know that you are part something too strong to ever break apart.   

Never be afraid to feel. No matter what the world might say is right. And don't be afraid to talk. I spent half my life escaping life until I realised just how good it is to feel. To laugh, to cry and to love. Open up to someone and I promise you you'll see we're all the same. You are never truly alone. 

Be brave. Be open. Be kind. Find god in every person that you meet. Be gracious and find the story behind even the darkest eyes. 

I've learnt even the smallest action can make a persons day so never miss a opportunity. Live like your mum and bring light into the darkest moments. 

Enjoy work. Thrive. Work hard but don't find yourself in it. Your needs will not be met behind the haze of a computer screen. Daddy's still learning that one. 

Be grateful of all that is beautiful. And I don't just mean the obvious. Find it in the details. An ageing man still fall of life, a random act of kindness on the train. Love is out there, you might just have to look a little deeper.

Be humble. Remember, humility is not thinking less of yourself, just thinking of yourself less. 

Always remember one thing.

You are loved by me.

David Gibbs

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